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Public Skating

Public Skate Updates

FRI, May 24th

2:00-5:00pm CANCELED

SAT, May 25th

1:45-3:45pm CANCELED

7:00-9:30pm ADDED

SUN, May 26th

1:45-3:45pm CANCELED

MON, May 27th

2:00-5:00pm CANCELED

1:00-3:00pm ADDED

Public Skating Prices

Admission (6 and over) $15.00
Admission (5 and under) $11.00
Senior/College Student/Military Admission $11.00
Skate Rental $8.50
Skating Aides $14.00 or $20.00

Annual Public Passes
Adult   $645.00
Child   $595.00
Senior $445.00

Bundle Public Passes
Adult (6 & Over) $165.00 (13 passes for the price of 11)
Child (5 & Over) $121.00 (13 passes for the price of 11)

**Create a DaySmart account to purchase Annual and Bundle Public Passes.

Contact Us

Guest Services

Phone: (424) 903-0300


  2. Patrons must wear skates when on ICE
  3. In the event of an injury, notify a skate guard or rink personnel IMMEDIATELY.
  4. Skate counter clockwise unless directed otherwise.
  5. NO DOUBLE JUMPS OR SPINS. Figure skaters practicing jumps, spins, turns, must do so in the center of the ice. Outside  lanes are coned off and are for general skating. 
  6. No more than 2 people may skate together.
  7. Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skaters' safety is prohibited.
  8. Tag and other games are prohibited.
  9. Roughness, excessive speeding or weaving through skaters is prohibited.
  10. Skaters are NOT to carry children or secondary items such as cameras, handbags, etc. while skating. 
  11. For skaters protection, NO headphones allowed.
  12. Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed during public skate.
  13. Throwing snowballs or any object is prohibited.
  14. No eating or drinking on the ice surface.
  15. Patrons must not sit on, lean over, or leave articles on the glass or dasher boards.
  16. Report any rule violation to a skate guard or rink personnel.
  17. Please leave ice promptly when horn sounds for ice resurfacing at the end of each session.

Rule Violations Could Be Cause for Expulsion from Arena.