2023 Dec 4 or 3 week Learn to Skate 

Our 2023 Dec Mini Session is now open for registration. The session will run from Nov 15th to Dec 10th with classes meeting once per week for 4 weeks (W) or 3 weeks (Fri,Sat,Sun). Please refer to our flyer for any additional details. 

2023 Dec 4 Week & 3 Week Flyer

Beginner Class Guide

Lions & Cubs (3+) A Parent and Me class, a parent/guardian is required on ice with the skater. Skaters will build confidence while learning some fundamentals.

Snowplow Sam 1 (4-5) Designed for skaters ages 4-5 to gain confidence and learn the important fundamentals of skating at an easy to follow pace.

Basic 1 (6-14) Youth skating classes for kids 6-14 to start learning the basics of skating including how to properly fall and stand back up.

Little Kings Skating Skills (5-14) With emphasis on proper hockey skating techniques, teaching future players the fundamentals they need to pursue the sport.

Adult Bronze (15+) Designed for skaters who want to start skating again or who have never skated before.